Tuesday, February 5, 2013


If you can answer these questions with a resounding "Yes", you needn't read further.

1. Is school a happy place for you?
2. Does school focus its attention on you and your needs?
3. Can you choose what you want to learn in school?
4. Are you bored senseless with worksheets?
5. Do you get to work on projects based on real problems?

If your answer is "No", there are things you and your like-minded friends can do to make school fun and a place of real and honest learning.

First understand that school school should be fun. Learning should involve you totally. Your connection with learning should make your day whiz by.

Second, school should be focused on you and what you want to learn. School should not force you all into groups like a bunch of sheep, teach you all the same lesson and give you all the same tests. Why? Because you are all uniquely different and important. What you want to get out of school should be your personal curriculum, not what school wants for you.

Third, because of the way your DNA has designed you, you have no choice but to follow its little voice that is always pushing you this way or that and leading you toward becoming the person you are meant to be, your destiny.

Fourth, school is making one huge mistake, and has been for many generations now, in choosing a learning program that is broken up into unrelated bits and disconnected pieces. This insults your intelligence and wastes your time.

Last, when you are young you learn about the world through all your five senses. You do that by playing and exploring with everything you run into. By the time you hit the upper grades another factor in your DNA kicks in. In order to survive your DNA has evolved you into a social creature. That means you learn best when working with your peers in interactive, cooperative groups trying to solve real-world problems. 

Now, here's the hard part. You, and only you and your friends, can make school work for you the way I described above. The best part is that you have very powerful tools to help you do this: Twitter, Facebook, texting, You Tube, etc. So, read Learning in Crisis and get started. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

School and Your Destiny

Has school turned you into a zombie? Do you find yourself turning off, tuning out, or dropping out? If you're playing the game of school, are you doing it just to get that diploma, to get together with friends, or to please Mom and Dad? Do you feel that school has no real value for you, that it isn't meeting your needs, or that it is out of sync with the real world? 

If you feel school should be fun, I mean, really fun, a place where you work on meaningful problems or projects with your friends, a place where you can't wait to get to, and a place where you fit in because teachers sincerely care about you and what you want to learn, then trust those feelings. Instead of school telling you what to do, school should be following you and your interests. School should put you in charge of your learning.

What school doesn't want to confront is the idea that you have the best brain of all the animals on this planet, that your brain and the brain of all of us humans is the masterpiece of all brains. What school doesn't want to accept is that you are perfectly capable of choosing what and how you want to learn because that brain of yours is urging you in certain directions.  You have a calling, a purpose, a destiny built into your DNA that will lead you to figure out what you are meant to do in this world. It is high time that school helped you do that.

The book pictured above is available on Kindle Books, is cheap, and tells you all about you and what  school owes you. 
I will have more to say about this in future blogs.